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How Do You Benefit from Licensed Residential Money Lenders?

There are still people who want to know – what does residential money lenders mean? This term is not difficult to understand if you are knowledgeable with loans. Basically, the word implies that you can go to lenders who do not care about credit rating. Meaning, they will still give …

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What are the Options for Owning a Car in Singapore?

It is not a secret to all that Singapore is a small country. This is one of the reasons why its government does its best to ensure that the number of vehicles on the road is strictly controlled. Who wants traffic anyway? Good thing, the public transport system in Singapore …

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Improving Your Credit Score

As you may already know, your credit score is a vital aspect of your financial life. That being said, this score takes into account years of financial behavior.  It helps banks and financial institutions determine how much debt you can take on and how reliable you are in terms of …

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Money Mindsets You Should Be Aware

On a motivational talk about wealth creation, the speaker claimed that money is defense, and the lack of it is an offense. It made the whole atmosphere engaged; hence, leaving some of the audience applauding in agreement while others, indifferent. This only goes to show that people have different mindsets when it comes to money. Thus, it may be categorized through the following – the Rich-Minds, Poor-Minds and the Lost-Minds. What are the differences?

The Difference in Perceptions

Here are the characteristics of each perception. Please know what stays true to you and your view of money:


These rich-minds are considered to be the purposeful and selfless people who are aware that by prospering, they can contribute to humanity. This is why they look at money as a means so that they may accomplish something in the end. Since they have a full understanding of how money works globally, they accept agent for value exchange. They would strive hard so that they can create wealth for the purpose of advancing in life.

As a matter of fact, for these people, they have a belief that money without purpose is almost useless and nothing. They have always been the righteous, builders, givers, lovers, believers, peacemakers, dreamers, charitable, original and authentic. Indeed, they have been the crusaders of good money and they believe in long-term gains.


These people, on the other hand, are almost the opposite of the rich-minds. They are selfish and greedy. They come with a flawed mentality as far as real prosperity is concerned. Most of them think that making and having money would be the main essence of human existence. They would strive to amass wealth amidst anything. As a matter of fact, they almost worship money and they have prepared their souls to always be in pursuit of it. Because of this, their love for money is greater than anything. They are dubbed as the destroyers, deceivers, war mongers, schemers, exploiters, desperate, corruptible, fake, claimers, fraudsters and superficial.

This kind of mindset is short-term that it becomes impossible to achieve permanent prosperity and wealth. This has been the truth of it.


The judgemental and critical manner is what describes the lost-minds. They do not care about money that much because they only see it as an ultimate problem and nothing else. They also have a false belief that money is evil and that it only brings the struggle to most individuals. Aside from this, they are known to have spirits which lack a vital element of life – purpose. These lost-minds are clouded by fogs of jealousy and scarcity that they cannot acknowledge the need for wealth. In return, they seldom achieve anything significant or meaningful in life.

It can be concluded that these people see money without any purpose. They are labeled as the critiques, receivers, dream-killers, naysayers, beggars, doubters, ill-wishers, timid and vulnerable.

Indeed, money cannot be discredited because at the end of the day, it can still be good for all of us. It only takes the right mindset!

What You Need to Learn about Money?

The truth is this – money is important. To say otherwise is almost lying. This means that each and every one of us has to be properly educated when it comes to the issues of finances. Doing such can be a way to handle and manage them accordingly. As that is the case, what should you remember about money?

Lessons about Money

These are some of the things that must be learned about money. Please take note of them:

Money has always been an idea

An ordinary person is most likely to pursue money in life. However, those who are greater will always go for ideas. Good ideas have the way to solve the problems and challenges of individuals in life. When a great idea is there, it may turn into reality. That would, in turn, bring money. Just refer to Edison and the light bulb. Have you seen the electric industry lately? This is again a perfect example you should not miss. In short, persevere with ideas.

Money will not make you rich and wealthy.

There are individuals out there who own money. This is a given already. There are individuals out there who earn a great amount of dime. Despite that, they are still not considered rich. If money does not make you rich, then what does? When you follow the practices of those who are rich, you will understand that purchasing an asset has always been the most advisable. The assets typically work so that they may build their own wealth. They would also utilize such in order to purchase liabilities. If they do not know how to handle money properly, they will get into trouble. But they do so it will not be a problem at all. With this, how can you use your money?

Money will solve your problems.

This is another misconception that has to be contradicted. There are two types of money problems out there. First one is the lack of money. Another is related to having too little or too much to spend. For whatever it is worth, you have to learn how you can deal with the mentioned. If you already know which of the problems you have already, how will you manage it then? These are the questions that you must have an answer for.

These are the lessons you have to think about money. At the end of the day, it is vital that you put these lessons into practice and good use. Each and every lesson is crucial. You have to ensure that you apply it in your daily living. Once you have the knowledge to deal with money, you can be assured that it will not have power over you or power to control you. That is the last thing that you would want in life.

It will also help that you have support from the people around you or just people that you know. If it is observed in a constant, it is going to be the best leap that you will ever do in your life. Please do so!

Can A Credit Card Affect your Finances in Singapore?

Are you still wondering if it is a good idea to have more than three credit cards if you are residing in Singapore? Well, the answer is a big no. Regardless of whether you are a good payer or not, credit cards may have a big impact in your life. It may affect your finances for sure. Just imagine your situation being threatened. This will transpire if you do not have the commitment to pay. That is for sure.

The Way Credit Cards Impact Personal Economy

If you are still not enlightened about this claim, these are some of the ways in which multiple credit cards may impact your personal economy:

May give you a hard time seeking mortgage and housing loan approval

To own a house in Singapore can be a challenge most especially for those who are non-native residents. Most of the time, there are ways in which you can obtain a home here. First, you are free to know if you will be qualified for an HBD loan. This is known to be more affordable as compared to a private home loan simply because it is offered by the government.

Most are not accepted by the HBD loan though because of their salary. This may transpire even if your salary is way higher than the criteria already. When this is the case, you will definitely be forced to secure your private mortgage. This may be won from various banks out there. Once you have credit card issues about repayments, you may face an issue here too. This is true because most banks will check your financial standing.

May consume most of your pay.

Most Singapore credit cards are considered debt. This is the truth that you must accept, no matter how cringe-worthy that sounds like. To simply put this, you have the obligation to pay creditors so that they do not go running after you eventually. If you are known to be a regular employee in Singapore, the only way you can settle this is to use your salary. That is not rocket Science for sure.

Please be reminded though that Singapore has always been an expensive country. To maintain a home and a vehicle in the said country can be of high maintenance. This only goes to show that if you own active credit cards, you will be forced to take on another job so that you can only reduce most of your expenses. This is the only way you can go on for the repayment.

May take up a huge amount of your living expenses.

There are instances when credit companies would claim to be interest-free. However, do not be so naïve to believe that the situation will be the same for the rest of your life. Tell you what – that is not going to happen. It will only be favorable for a number of months. Afterwards, an interest rate will kick in later on. In Singapore, the prevailing interest rate is around 18 to 24 percent. This may get higher so you have to be careful.